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"There's no such thing as a 'normal' artist!"


I’m a self-taught Artist, Author, Illustrator, Educationist and Fashion Entrepreneur, with over two decades of working with children of all ages. Despite holding a university degree in microbiology, I have chosen a very different career path in life, far from my university studies.


Although born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, I’m currently based in Bucharest, Romania, where I have for the last 14 years continued to be involved in the developmental growth of many Romanian children, as an English 'conversational' teacher, and apparently a 'pseudo-Life coach' of sorts to many of my students.

At the same time introducing my host community to various aspect of the cultures of where I’m from, through my artworks and my books.


As a painter, I work primarily in oils but I do often experiment with other media.


Through my works I try to share my philosophy with the world which basically can be summarized into:

“Never forget where you are from. Acknowledge where you are at the moment but always keep dreaming about where you wish to be. Always be true to who you really are, as you live your life by your own 'taste' and no one else’s.”



I reserve the rights to select my clients for my Art.

For T-shirts / Apparels prints of my art and designs, please visit KEISIEN if within Romania or the EU.

If outside Romania and the EU please visit my REDBUBBLE store.

Thank you.

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