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Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 80 x 100 cm

Year created: 2021


"If you are blessed with a body that probably took the good Lord 7 whole days to create and gift to you, CELEBRATE it if the spirit moves you! Never apologize for it!

However, take care that it does not become your only defining attribute. As you show your looks for all to behold and marvel at, you must simultaneously show your personality, your true character, that bit of you that makes you, special and unique, as represented on each painting by the birds. And as each painting has a different bird, know also that each individual has their own different character and personality, so there’s no point trying to be like anyone else but you.

Finally, showing off your physical beauty may get you tonnes of likes and superficial admirers,but if you decide to also show your true persona and unique character truthfully, you may or may not have the same numbers of ‘likes’, but those who do stick around will not just ‘like’ you, but will also adore you.”


(To read more about the story behind the series, click here.)

'Selfie Series' 5

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