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Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension: 120cm x 100cm (Excluding frame)

Year created: 2015


" Nothing beats first-hand experiences. No story, no book, no imaginatition can hold a candle to it.  

As much as your means will permit you, travel! The world is a big place and there are things to see. Things you believe you know but truly don't.

I'd always known an elephant was a huge animal, i'd seen all the pictures, movies and documentaries. it wasnt until i saw my first elephant live did I truly appreciate what that animal was.

There are always certain levels of danger involved in such 'adventures' so always approach such' experiences with caution.

The massai figure were used along the panda to easily show the seperate worlds both come from. And whenever i hear things like, 'This makes no sense! there are no pandas in Africa!', i always smile, shake my head and ask....'What makes you think they are in Africa? Africans do travel too!' "

The magic of first-hand experience

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